Tuesday, September 27, 2011

how it all begins...

An empty spirit bottle, a block of clay and some tools are the starter 'ingredients' of a "Bottle Whimsy". Adding a pinch of love and imagination brings life to my whimsical creations!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hilda & Gilda, the twin witches

Meet Hilda & Gilda, the debut pieces of the collection!

They are both one-of-a-kind, made using a glass bottle as their body and polymer clay for their heads. Their little primitive owls were also made using polymer clay.

Hilda & Gilda are mischievous little witches. Their favorite time of the year is, of course, Halloween when their magic becomes really strong and they can play their tricks to poor people! So, be careful not to cross their path on Halloween night... who knows, they might turn you into a frog!

my first post, yay!

Hey everyone and welcome to my first blog post!

I've been following some very inspirational blogs for quite some time and have found it to be a really interesting experience! It is always fascinating to see how the work of fellow artists comes to life and what really inspires them!

I'd been wanting to create my own blog but I kept postponing it. A couple of months ago I came up with a new doll idea; I saw empty spirit bottles being thrown away so a thought crossed my mind: why not reuse these bottles to make dolls? This is how "Bottle Whimsies" were born. It is a collection which combines the charm of the old and primitive with the environmental benefits of recycling. So, with the birth of these dolls along came my blog.

I hope you will love "Bottle Whimsies" and follow their colorful journey!