Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the end of a magical journey

Hey guys, I hope you've been fine! I finally found the time to write about the last update of my Traveling Doll adventure.

First of all, let me show you the wonderful journey of my doll, Alithia.

Here she is on my desk, ready to fly to Martha's home:

Martha painted the most beautiful face and gave Alithia a gorgeous pair of Mary Jane shoes

She then passed Alithia on to Tracey-anne, who created a gorgeous dress, jacket and fascinator hat!

Alithia's final stop was Leandra's home. Leandra created Alithia's hair and completed her regal look!

With the blessings of her three 'god-mothers', Alithia arrived in Greece on a beautiful sunny day. When I 
opened the package I was amazed by all the amazing work done by Martha, Tracey-anne and Leandra!

Of course, Alithia didn't arrive on her own. She was accompanied by her faerie prince, Anathon, who was sculpted by Martha.

Here he is before he flies from Martha's home to Tracey-anne:

Tracey-anne gave him beautiful faerie wings and a gorgeous shirt before she sent him to Leandra!

Leandra created his beautiful faerie hair, which was accented with tiny braids.

And this is how he arrived with Alithia:

I had already decided that I would create velvet trousers for Anathon, but I thought that there was something missing. Thankfully, Anathon inspired me by telling me that he wanted to travel the world and have lots of adventures, so I gave gim a pair of leather boots for his long and difficult journeys and a faerie amulet which would protect him from danger. He was finally ready to leave my home and fly to the places he had dreamed of. He gave Alithia a big kiss and the promise that they would meet again in the future and he set off for his big adventure!

And so, this is the end of a wonderful dollmaking journey.

I would like to thank Martha, Tracey-anne and Leandra for their contribution and beautiful work! It was a magical experience and I feel so happy to have been part of the Traveling Doll Project and the 'Dolled Up' team!

I hope you enjoyed following my updates as much as I enjoyed this experience! I can't wait for next year's TAD Project!

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more dollmaking journeys!



It was so much fun to play with you, thanks for the opportunity and hope to do it again!!


Oh how cute! I love both dolls :)

Erika Nittel-Traser

Oh, I love your dolls, dear Xanthi! Very nice faces and clothes in amazing Colors. Love your shades of blue and purple. Thank you for sharing your work in Progress. Hugs to you

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