Friday, April 12, 2013

Lean's doll is here!

Hurray! I'm so excited today because I received the first Traveling Project doll I'll be working on! It's a to-die-for cat lady made by Leandra.

Here she is resting in her box, waiting for her first make over.

I have in mind what her make over will include, but I won't reveal anything yet!

Stay tuned for progress pictures!



Wooo! So exiciting! Can't wait to see it painted! :-D

Xanthi Kaffe

αντε να δουμε τι θα γινει!!


I love watching travelling dolls develop. It's a brilliant idea. Looking forward to what you do to Cat Lady here.

Tracey-anne McCartney

Love the pictures in packaging Xanthi :) Hugs Trace x

Bottle Whimsies

Thank you all for your comments! <3

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